On the enormous amounts of patient data being produced and how it isn't being dealt with
On the difficulties of pursuading food companies to produce healthier products
Development of treatment from bench to bed
Integrating care
Weak sanctions against the big pharmaceutical companies
Trying to keep within the guidelines
Using pig organs for transplant
Opening the door on unreported drug trials
On keeping ahead of your peers
Medical dynasties
Doctors getting together for continueing professional development
Doctor MOTs
Night shift zombies
Keeping your CV up to date
Busy and isolated women in medicine
Creating your CV
Integrated care
On childcare for doctors
On deciding the best direction to go.
Methane pollution from cows
Motivating men in sheds
On passive smoking
Birthrate goes up during royal wedding celebrations
Patient burden
On delays in treatment due to time taken bringing drugs to fruition
On dealing with angry managers
Online affairs
Endangered managers
Making health messages heard
Whistleblower heroes
Nudging toward health
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